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Why you NEED a Fashion Tech Pack

Updated: May 20, 2023

Picture of flat sketches and text overlay that says, "Why you NEED a tech pack"
Here's why you NEED a tech pack

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If you've ever gone to a manufacturer to get a garment made, the first thing they'll usually ask you for is a tech pack.

And even if you plan to work for a brand, one of the qualifications will most likely be knowing how to create a tech pack.

Recently, someone hit me up to see if I could recommend someone for an assistant designer position in childrenswear. I told her most of the designers I knew did not have the background in kids. Her response was that she was okay with that as long as they could do tech packs and CADs.

So, yeah, pretty important skill! And why do you need this?

Whether you're an indie designer or working for an established brand a tech pack should show:

  • all the details of a design

  • provide a blueprint for the manufacturer to make accurate samples, and

  • provide all the necessary information to get accurate costing on your garment

So YOU can price it accurately and actually make money on your garment versus not making any money on your garment because you didn't know how much it was really costing you.

383 Design Studio, my company, has online course, Creating a Tech Pack. And it will show you all the necessary elements of a complete tech pack, and even more importantly, how to get that information.

But even if you don't take my class, if you're a fashion designer and don't know how to create a tech pack, make sure you find someone who will show you. It's THAT important!

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