Fashion Sketching and Design Communication Courses

Design communication is an important aspect of being a designer and not one that really gets talked about much. Every designer needs to not only be creative, but they also need to be able to express that creativity and vision in a way that it can be executed. For fashion designers, we communicate visually and our main vehicles of communication are flat sketches and tech packs.

Flat sketching
is an art form that ALL designers need to master. It’s the fashion design sketch that is referred to the most by other members of the design and business teams, allows you to work out your design and make sure it actually “works”, and if you’re not great at illustration, flat sketching is the great equalizer. 

That’s why flat sketches are THE most important type of fashion design sketch that a designer can draw. A flat sketch is also the sketch used on your fashion tech pack, which is your blueprint and directions for telling a manufacturer how to execute your design.

Take an online course or live course (in-person or virtual) to learn best methods for fashion design sketching and communication today!


Computer showing a fashion tech pack; Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design: Level 1 course

Every designer NEEDS to know how to draw a flat sketch. This course will show you how to use the industry standard software to render your designs digitally so they are clearly communicated to your manufacturer, even you team.


In just 5 days, you'll learn to use Illustrator for fashion design.


* Students have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and to live, virtual office hours with a live instructor.

ONLINE Tech Pack Class-LIFT.png

Better samples. Accurate pricing. In less time!

When you know how to create an accurate tech pack, you not only acquire an essential skill ALL designers need but you're also saving yourself time and money.


The "Creating a Fashion Tech Pack" course will show you why an accurate tech pack is essential and HOW to complete one. Plus, get additional downloadable resources to help keep your design development moving forward.

* Students have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and to live, virtual office hours with a live instructor.