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STOP making these 5 mistakes when you flat sketch in Illustrator!

Updated: May 20, 2023

Stop doing this with your flat sketches!
Stop doing this with your flat sketches!

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Illustrator can be a really efficient and effective tool for fashion designers. It's one of the most commonly used fashion design apps for fashion and technical designers, particularly useful for drawing a flat sketch.

But as common as illustrator for fashion design is, people still tend to make some critical mistakes when drawing a fashion technical drawing that can result in more time and less accurate flat sketches.

And all of them are completely avoidable, as long as you know what these mistakes are.

Here are my top 5 Illustrator for fashion design mistakes:

  1. Using a freehand tool instead of the Pen Tool to draw your flat sketch

  2. Not closing the shapes in your fashion technical drawing

  3. Creating stray point on your fashion design sketches

  4. Not grouping your flat sketch

  5. Not naming your colors

Check out this video for more details about each of these tips:

If you're struggling to learn Illustrator for Fashion Design or need some individualized attention, we can help you!

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