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New features that will make you LOVE Adobe Color!

Create, explore and save new color themes from various artists with Adobe Color.

Adobe Color is such an amazing tool, particularly for indie designers who may not have access to all the wonderful (but very expensive) color services that bigger companies may use.

If you’re not familiar with Adobe Color, it’s an online community where people can share color inspiration. And you can access Adobe Color online or right within any of the Adobe programs with the Adobe Color Themes panel.

Two newer features that have upped the ante on this tool are “Extract from Image” and “Pantone Match”. If you’ve used the phone app “Adobe Capture”, you’ve experienced the “Extract from Image” feature already. It allows you to upload a picture and automatically generate various color palettes based on color mood.

Adobe Color autogenerates a color palette from your picture based on Color Mood.

With “Pantone Match”, Adobe will match the color chips you generated back to the Pantone Coated Formula Guides. What’s more, you can download a .ASE file for your palette, so you can upload the swatches directly into your Swatches Panel. (Be sure to save your color palette and switch to “My Themes” to use this feature.)

Match your colors with “Pantone Match” and then download the ASE file to use the colors in any of the Adobe programs.

Adobe has continued to improve Adobe Color over the years and has helped transition Kuler (it’s original name) from a small online color community to a truly useful design tool. With the addition of “Extract from Image” and “Pantone Match” functions, it’s even more practical and useful. I’ll definitely be using it more often. How about you?

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