Digital Fashion Design Sketching Courses

Flat sketching is an art form that ALL designers need to master. It’s the fashion design sketch that goes in your tech pack to make a sample, allows you to work out your design and make sure it actually “works”, and if you’re not great at illustration, flat sketching is the great equalizer. 

That’s why flat sketches are THE most important type of fashion design sketch that a designer can draw. 

Take an online course or a live, virtual course to learn fashion design sketching today!


Computer showing a fashion tech pack; Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design: Level 1 course

Learn Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design sketching at your own pace on your own time.


With this online course, based on our most popular group class, get an overview of the program, how to draw fashion design flat sketches and how to use Adobe Illustrator for fashion design.


* Students have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and to live, virtual office hours with a live instructor.


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