Course type: LIVE, Virtual                       Total hours of Training: 5

Level: Beginner                                        Price: $299

Creating an accurate flat sketch is a critical part of design development.

And Adobe Illustrator has become the industry standard fashion design software for drawing fashion technical drawings so you can eventually create a fashion tech pack or a fashion CAD, tools you'll also need in your fashion business. 

This course will teach you the basics of Adobe Illustrator, how to use Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design, and how to draw accurate flat sketches of garments.

Ready to up the ante on your digital fashion design software skills?

Here's what you get:

• live, virtual instruction in a semi-private, group setting (classes are limited to 3 students)

• a downloadable manual with tutorials and notes from the class

• access (via CC) to trim, brush, and sketch libraries (for 2 months)

• access to weekly live, virtual office hours with the instructor

Download a course outline.