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Get better samples, more accurate costs, save time and money!

Why is a tech pack important for fashion designers?

A tech pack is an essential tool for fashion designers because it provides a clear and detailed blueprint for production. It ensures that all parties involved in the production process, from manufacturers to pattern makers, have a clear understanding of the design and its specifications. This helps to minimize errors, streamline the production process, save time and money.

This fashion tech pack template will ensure you create complete tech packs that deliver great samples, accurate costs and more profit!

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The Fashion Tech Pack Template

The FREE Tech Pack Fashion Templates

A fashion tech pack should do 3 things:


Show all the details of your design

Provide a blueprint to make a prototype

mannequin clip-01.png
mannequin clip-01.png

Enable you to get an accurate cost of your garment

How to use the free tech pack template.

Using our free tech pack template is easy and customizable to fit your specific design needs.


Once you verify you email, you'll get access to the template. Simply download and open it in Excel or Google Sheets.


From there, you can add your own design elements, measurements, and specifications. Be sure to include all necessary details, such as fabric type, color, and trim, to ensure that your design is accurately produced.

mannequin clip-01.png
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