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Most people use a flat sketch template or croquis template when drawing a fashion sketch or fashion technical drawing, particularly when using Illustrator for Fashion Design.

An accurate flat sketch will go into a fashion tech pack, which is a necessity for sampling and manufacturing. 

Flat sketches should accurately reflect the overall silhouette, fit, design lines and construction of your design so that a pattern maker has a good idea (just by looking at the sketch) of what you want.

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The Fashion Croquis Template

The FREE Female Croquis Template

This fashion croquis template:

has front, back and side views


is correctly proportioned to draw a women's fashion design flat sketch

mannequin clip-01.png
mannequin clip-01.png

can be opened in Illustrator to create fashion flat sketches

This croquis template has been used over and over by my students at the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as for client projects. It's been tried and tested, and I still use it today.

mannequin clip-01.png

Using Illustrator for Fashion Design?

Watch how to use the fashion croquis template to create a flat sketch for a tech pack.

Croquis template to draw flat sketches in illustrator for fashion design
Flat sketches using illustrator for fashion design
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