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As you start your design development, you will do a lot of quick fashion sketching. And a fashion template or croquis template is helpful when you’re doing your quick sketches and trying different colors, fabrics and patterns. 

Customers come in all different shapes and sizes, and fashion croquis templates should as well.


This croquis template is made for designers who want to design for a more curvy customer. Use this template to create your quick fashion sketches as you start to develop your collection and decide on your assortment.

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The Curvy Girl
Fashion Croquis Template

The FREE Curvy Croquis Template

This fashion croquis template:

is a 10 head figure


has front and back views

mannequin clip-01.png
mannequin clip-01.png

can be opened on an iPad and used with a freehand fashion design app or printed out and traced

mannequin clip-01.png

Watch how to use the curvy fashion croquis template on a iPad for quick fashion sketches.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 2.09.48 AM.png
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