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A Fashion Tech Pack

Should Do 3 Things:

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1. Show all the details of your design

2. Provide a blueprint to make a prototype

3. Enable you to get an accurate cost of your garment

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Karina Bajana, Footwear Designer

[Mikelle and I] met way back when I was working for Nine West as an Assistant Designer.  . . .  Mikelle has such a comprehensive understanding of these programs and is extremely good at explaining, coaching through the hands-on experience, and understanding/responding to questions. I highly recommend her if you’re looking into learning basic or advanced Adobe skills.

Doris Hofman, Designer

I highly recommend Mikellle: Great teaching skills, super experienced and up to date with the latest software novelties.

Soo M., Men's Designer

I love Mikelle's class. She is sooo good at teaching. Learning can be so tired , but I have never felt tired in her class. She has vital power that makes students keep putting attention to work with smile. She is something.

Mollie Miller, Designer