Glad you asked! Keep reading to find out more about us and why we're the best there is when it comes to Adobe for Fashion training.


What do you get when you combine a passion for fashion with "geeking out" on digital design software? 


383 Design Studio, a company with over 20 years of fashion industry experience, a passion for digital design, and a love for sharing both with others.

383 Design Studio was started in 2005 in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The studio began as a consulting firm for men's and women's active, street and intimate apparel. After many impromptu tutoring sessions and multiple inquiries from people finding online design presentations, the studio eventually began to focus on computer training, organizing group classes and later private and corporate training sessions.

With over 20 years experience working in fashion, our head trainer, Mikelle Drew, has worked for companies such as The Moret Group, Danskin, Fila and Champion and taught her practical and efficient methods to companies including Gap, J.Crew, Eileen Fisher, Hanesbrands, Warnaco, PVH and a host of other individuals and group classes over the last 13 years. With her fashion background, recommendations from industry peers, and a legacy of teaching (the majority of her family are teachers), Mikelle's classes are both relevant and comprehensible. Plus, she keeps the lessons lighthearted, relatable and fun!

When you choose 383 Design Studio for your training needs, you're choosing informative classes in a relaxed learning environment with a knowledgeable and fun instructor. Small classes keep the training more personal and non-intimidating. You'll leave our classes armed with the knowledge and tools you need to begin using the computer as a design tool. And the one-on-one followup sessions help answer any additional questions you may have after the class is over.

Register today for an online class, a group class in NYC or schedule your own private group training today. You won't be disappointed!

383 Design Studio / T 347.815.5932 / info@383designstudionyc.com / New York, New York / United States