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  • Mikelle Drew

Who, What, When, Where and Why Tech Pack

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Graphic of desktop computer sitting on a wooden disk with a page from a tailored jacket tech pack showing on the screen.
Who, What, When, Where and Why Tech Pack

If you're a fashion designer actively working in ready-to-wear, you are probably very familiar with fashion tech packs. And if you aspire to work in fashion or start your own line, you'll need to become familiar with them. So in today's blog post, we'll discuss the 5 "W's" of tech packs: what it is, who creates them, when they're used, why they're so important, and lastly, where you can get a great fahion tech pack template.

Image of a laptop on a table with a flat sketch of a denim jacket and tech pack page showing on the screen and a fashion dress form in the background

So, what is a fashion tech pack? A tech pack is the blueprint for your design. It provides the framework and the directions to create your first sample or prototype. It will also eventually be the final guide to executing a beautifully fitting garment for yourself or others who will buy your design.

Who creates a tech pack and who needs it? A fashion designer will normally create a tech pack but often a technical designer, if you have one, will also contribute information to it as well. For example, while the designer creates the design and detail sketches, design measurements, stitch information (for the outside of the garment), and completes a bill of materials (or BOM), a technical designer adds a spec sheet, construction details and stitch information (for the inside of the garment.)

A fashion designer writing information on a tech pack on a table with a sewing machine, thread, tape measure and other sewing items.

When is a fashion tech pack used? Once the style is designed, a tech pack is created. It is then handed off to your sample room or a sewing factory to make your first prototype. Normally, you will then receive your first prototype, fit it and then update your tech pack again based on any changes made during the fitting. You will sometimes have costing meetings or negotiations before or after your fitting. Any aesthetic changes should also be reflected in the updated tech pack.

Why is a fashion tech pack so important? Making a sample of your design can be both time consuming and costly. Having clear directions on how a garment is constructed, what fabrics to use and in what location on the garment, the measurements of your stylelines and the fit, can all contribute to making your first sample as successful as possible. In addition, if you are working with patternmakers and sewers who do not speak English (or whatever your native tongue is) as their first language, an accurate and concise tech pack increases the chances of you getting what you want on the first try (or at least pretty close to it.)

Where can I get a template to create a tech pack if I don't have one already? You can download a FREE tech pack template by clicking here. And in my next post, I'll review in more detail what information should go on each page.

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