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Tipsy Tuesday: "Mirroring" a Flat Sketch In Illustrator CC

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Today's tip seems like a "no brainer" and something that we all would have caught onto as soon as Illustrator CC came out, but it's been a great, NEW tip to anyone I've shown it to so far, so I'm sharing with you all today.

Many of you know about "mirror" or "mirroring" from fashion specific CAD programs, and in Adobe® Illustrator®, most of us use the Reflect Tool to create a complete sketch (after drawing half).

Now, with the updated Transform Panel under the Effects menu, you can truly "mirror" you sketches and as you create updates on 1 side, you can also see the sketch being updated on the opposite side.

Here's how it works:

First, draw half the sketch as you normally would. I usually drag guides to mark center front so I have a point of reference to stop sketching.

Create CF guide and draw half of the sketch

Next, go to the Effect menu, and choose Distort & Transform > Transform.

Note: Be sure you're 1/2 sketch is selected before you go to this menu.

Choose Effect>Distort & Transform>Tranform

Once the Transform Panel is open, choose the below options to create the "mirrored" copy of your sketch.

Choose the above options to create the mirrored copy

Note: Click the "Preview" button to confirm all of your options are set correctly before pressing "OK".

Once you've clicked "OK", you should see a complete sketch.

Completed sketch after "mirroring" with Transform

Now, comes the fun part! The initial half of your sketch is still editable and the "mirrored" half will reflect whatever updates you make to the first half.

Edit one side of your sketch & updates are

made simultaneously on the opposite side

In previous versions of Illustrator®, if you needed to make a correction or update to one side of your sketch, you would have to reflect again (or eyeball the change) on the opposite side.

Now, you can update one side and simultaneously update the other side of your sketch as well. It's a huge timesaver and a much more efficient method of sketching.

So that’s your quick tip for this Tuesday. I’m Mikelle, your digital fashion guru. Thanks for checking out this blog post, and I’ll see you on 7th Avenue!

Mikelle Drew is a teacher and fashion designer. She has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years using Adobe creative software and teaching classes in digital fashion design since 2005. Check out her digital fashion tips and tutorials here at the 383Degrees blog or on our YouTube Channel. Or experience her skills in person at one of our group classes.

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