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Tipsy Tuesday: Creating a Weave Texture in Photoshop

It's Tipsy Tuesday, and today, we’re talking about weave textures and how to create a simple weave pattern that you can overlay onto a print. It can be a jacquard, twill, plain weave, almost anything, and you can create a simple repeat using the marquee tool and the grid.

Below is the finished weave that we will be creating applied to a print.

I’m going to start with a 2X2 inch canvas with a white background at 150 dpi resolution.

Make sure you choose “Show Grid” and “Snap to Grid” from the View menu, and you may also want to turn on the Smart Guides. Then, choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and using the gridlines as a guide, create a rectangular marquee in one square of the grid.

Right mouse click and choose Fill. From the Fill dialog box, choose 50% gray.

Switch to the Magic Wand to select the square, hold ALT (for PC) or OPTION (for Mac), and click to drag a copy of the square to the next area to be filled.

Note: you can also use square brushes and the Brush Tool to do this, but the Marquee Tool always works more accurately for me.

Once you create the repeat, choose Define Pattern. I’m using a custom shortcut to do this. However, you can choose this option from the Edit menu.

Note: To create a custom shortcut, check out our YouTube video on the 383 Design Studio YouTube channel.

Name your pattern, and click OK. Now that the pattern is saved, we can apply it to a print.

Go to the Layers Panel and choose the “Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer” icon, or what I like to refer to as the black and white cookie. From the menu, choose Pattern.

A dialog box appears along with a new layer filled with the repeating pattern you just saved. Here you can adjust the scale of the pattern up or down so it’s proportional to the size of the print.

To make the weave texture blend into the pattern, change the Blending Mode of the Fill layer and adjust the Opacity to your liking. I use either Multiply or Lighten and an opacity of about 20%.

And, of course, you can save this pattern to a library of weave textures that you can use over and over again.

So that’s your quick tip for this Tuesday. I’m Mikelle, your digital fashion guru. Thanks for checking out this blog post, and I’ll see you on 7th Avenue!

Mikelle Drew is a teacher and fashion designer. She has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years using Adobe creative software and teaching classes in digital fashion design since 2005. Check out her digital fashion tips and tutorials here at the 383Degrees blog or on our YouTube Channel. Or experience her skills in person at one of our group classes.

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