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Virtual Course: Illustrator for Fashion Design (Beginner)

Learn to flat sketch
in Adobe Illustrator

Are you a fashion designer (or aspire to be one) and need to create fashion flats or turn your new design into a flat sketch for a fashion tech pack or to create a fashion CAD.

Then, Illustrator for Fashion Design: Level 1 is just for you.

$199 (save $50 for a limited time)

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What you'll learn

This course will teach you all the tools you will need to start using Illustrator for fashion design: sketching your fashion designs, creating fashion technical drawings or flat sketches, creating a fashion CAD and more!

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​the basics of the program and how to use Illustrator for fashion design

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how to use the Pen Tool in Illustrator to create a fashion technical drawing

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how to create a fashion worksheet, the beginning of a fashion tech pack

. . . and more!

Ready to start sketching fashion flats in Illustrator?

$199 (save $50 for a limited time)

See what past students have to say:


Mikelle has such a comprehensive understanding of these programs and is extremely good at explaining, coaching through the hands-on experience, and understanding/responding to questions. I highly recommend her if you’re looking into learning basic or advanced Adobe skills.


I highly recommend Mikellle: Great teaching skills, super experienced and up to date with the latest software novelties.


I love Mikelle's class. She is sooo good at teaching. Learning can be so tired , but I have never felt tired in her class. She has vital power that makes students keep putting attention to work with smile. She is something.


Best Instructor Ever !!!! 🏆🏆🏆

Karina Bajana,
Footwear Designer

Sean Coco,

Soo M.,
Men's Designer

Doris Hofmann,

Here's a few of the companies I've trained:

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A word from the Instructor

I've been using Illustrator for fashion design for over 20 years, and I have to say I absolutely LOVE geeking out on it. I can't imagine drawing a flat sketch or creating technical drawings without it. 

This course will set you up to start sketching in Illustrator fast, and as you practice more, I hope you'll begin to love using Illustrator for fashion design as much as I do.

Why wait? Start the course now!

Flat sketching is a skill that every fashion designer needs to learn in order to communicate their ideas. Creating an accurate flat sketch is a critical part of design development. You can’t sell your design without a fashion technical drawing.

And Illustrator is the best program to help you do that. Start today, and you'll be drawing your fashion flats in no time! 

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$199 (save $50 for a limited time)