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Mikelle is a fantastic instructor. She's thorough and not only up to date w/ the program but is, in some ways ahead of it. Unlike previous instructors I've had elsewhere, she didn't make any of us feel bad for not knowing something or if we accidentally missed a step while working on a project/tutorial. The small class made it much easier to concentrate. The ease in which Mikelle teaches makes for a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. I was able to get way more out of the class than I could've imagined. I'll definitely be taking another bootcamp. Thank you!!

-- Morgan W.

Great introduction to Illustrator. Mikelle was very organized, very good at guiding you through the basics. She was very "hands on" and knowledgeable. I walked away feeling that I could do this on my own!

-- Martha E., Designer



Mikelle is a wonderful instructor. She's very detail oriented and well versed on both Photoshop and Illustrator programs. She's extremely helpful and committed to working individually with students to answer any questions regarding the programs. With an incredible resume and work experience in the fashion field, she's also very resourceful with portfolio advice and job search tips. I highly recommend her, she's definitely a joy to learn from.

-- Karina B., Footwear Designer

Mikelle made Illustrator finally make sense to me. She is very patient with beginners that are lost like I was.

-- Nancy O., Jack Blue Handbags

I am so glad to have taken Mikelle's class. She is very nice and patient. I learned so much and basically everything I needed to know in order to start using Illustrator in such a small amount of time. I was able to start flat sketching the very next day! Mikelle was very thorough and made sure I understood each step before going to the next.

-- Anonymous

Mikelle's Illustrator bootcamp class is a must-do for anyone wanting a quick leg-up into this program. Her professionalism in presentation, teaching skills and industry experience created an environment which was both serious and enjoyable. I would recommend this class highly . . . thanks, Mikelle!

-- Isabelle B., Designer

Mikelle is a really patient teacher who takes the time to make sure you understand and get all of your questions answered. As a self-taught Illustrator user, I feel much more confident in what I am doing. I highly recommend this class for anyone who uses Illustrator to draw apparel.

-- Julie, Designer

You will learn fashion drawing techniques in [the Portfolio Techniques] class that may take years to learn on your own or even when you are working. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to create more realistic detailed fashion sketches.

-- Paula T., Designer

Loved the Illustrator Level 2 class! Learned a lot of useful "tricks of the trade" which will help me when updating government spedifications and/or drawings.

-- Donna S., Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility

383 Design Studio provided me with the confidence to get back into an area of design that I have not delved into since I began my career. Graphic skills are a necessity and a demand. 383 Design Studio, especially Mikelle, give you the knowledge!

-- Kara, Designer

Mikelle offers a wonderful value with her group classes, and brings clarity to the handling of complicated CAD software. As an additional bonus, she shares and incorporates her insider knowledge of the current fashion design workplace.

-- Barbara R., BRussell Art

This was a wonderful class. As a fashion design student I was given a brief overview of the program but was not given the amount of experience and instruction that employers expect. After taking the course I was an illustrator pro. I am now confident in my illustrator skills and am excited to enhance my portfolio. The class provided a fun and easy going learning enviroment. I highly recommend it to any person that wants to learn to use Illustrator.

-- Lauren B., Student, Florida State University


Mikelle is great! She definitely knows her stuff. She's patient and helpful and answers all your questions. it's a true benefit that she is in the fashion industry and completely understands what we do on an everyday basis.

-- Eva K., Kahn Lucas

The class was an excellent introduction to Adobe Illustrator and how the program can be used in the fashion industry. Mikelle is a patient and enthusiastic teacher who managed to illuminate the potential of the program in a realistic manner.

-- Janice E., Janice E. & Company

The class offers a variety of learning basics, with the opportunity to adapt to the individual's skills and needs.

-- Liz W., Li & Fung

Mikelle is an amazing teacher! She has all the knowledge of the fashion industry that I really needed to know for my first job! It has already been a benefit to me and I just started my job two days ago! Illustrator Bootcamp should be required in all colleges for fashion before graduation!! I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for two classes, but now I am glad I went ahead and signed up for the advanced class as well!

-- Kate H., Designer, Sally Miller

Mikelle was professional and very well versed in her subject knowledge. She was able to deliver the content appropriately and was able to build skills by utilising questions asked in class, to add to the skill base she was covering.

-- Anne-Marie I., Designer, Anne-Marie Iverson Designs




I took Illustrator for Fashion: One Day Crash Course. Mikelle is a great teacher. She was patient, always asked if the class had any questions and if someone had a question or issue with what they were working on Mikelle came right over to see what you were doing and how she could help. Not only was the class very thorough, but Mikelle made sure her students would not forget what they learned because she includes a comprehensive, in color instruction manual with what she taught in class, a two hour follow-up one-on-one session and a CD full of practice work, bodies and croquis to follow. This class is essential to the fashion industry because it is difficult to get a job without Illustrator experience and having Illustrator artwork in your portfolio. 

-- Catherine C., Student, Massachusetts College of Art


I would recommend [Adobe Illustrator for Fashion: One Day Crash Course] to any who needs to learn adobe illustrator in a hurry. The instructor was great and helpful and I feel much more confident in my skills now.

-- Elana B., Designer


I love Mikelle's class. She is sooo good at teaching. Learning can be tired, but I have never felt tired in her class. She has vital power that makes students keep putting attention to work with smile. She is something.

-- Soo M., Men's Designer


I really enjoyed the Advanced Illustrator class given by [383 Design Studio]. [The] outline and handouts were very insightful and clear. [Mikelle] was very patient and gave individual time to each student to make sure we were following her and understood her. The class showed me ways to enhance my portfolio and helped me really understand the tools in Illustrator and how they are used for the fashion industry.

--Janelle W,, Associate Designer

The computer classes were awesome. I learned so much about textures, repeats & type. It is great to work with someone who actually understands what skills a company is looking for when hiring an employee.

-- Lisa S., Graphic/Textile Designer

Early in my Design Career many doors were closed because I did not know Photoshop or Illustrator. During that period I took a $900.00 course, which I gained absolutely nothing from.
Mikelle, whom I interned for, has been very instrumental in guiding my career. I've taken several courses from Mikelle and my career has been going in the right direction. Before I could not even get an interview. Now I have several offers pending. I was part of the team that developed the Jessica Simpson line. I owe all I've learned from Mikelle's courses. She is an exquisite teacher that really takes the time and genuinely listens. I'm proud to have been a successful student of Mikelle's.

--Enrique O., Designer



I was quite lucky to have worked with Mikelle Drew a couple years ago. She has great computer skills. God knows she helped me with some problems I was having. Mikelle does great graphics. She knows Illustrator and Photoshop better than most people. She busts her ass to get her projects done fast. On top of being talented she's a funny lady, patient, and very personable.

--Rob H., Junior Knits Designer

I was looking to update my design portfolio and I needed some help getting up to speed on Illustrator. While there were many classes and tutors out there, I really wanted someone with a design background that would understand my needs in order to get my portfolio updated to industry standards. After taking Mikelle's class, I couldn't have been happier with the results. Her outlines and lecture were extremely clear, and she was very patient in answering any of my questions.

I was so thrilled with her professionalism that I even recommended her to my design manager for a freelance graphic design project. Her work on that project was not only incredible, but her turnaround time was extremely fast. I would definitely use Mikelle's graphic design services again for both personal and professional instruction.

-- Alison S., Designer/Fashion Editor

I've had the pleasure of knowing Mikelle Drew as a fellow designer prior to taking her class "Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Crash Course." She is an extremely talented professional with expert knowledge of Illustrator & Photoshop. She does a fantastic job of teaching her refined methods for creating detailed sketches and sharp presentation boards, all the while keeping a friendly and casual atmosphere.

The "Crash Course" is incredibly informative. Mikelle Drew gives you the tools to create impressive presentation boards, showing you a multitude of functions and shortcuts. However, she is thorough in her explanations and gives the students individual attention to be certain that everyone understands each topic. What's more, there's a lot of information you get to take with you!

Before the class, I knew only basics in Illustrator. Now I have much more thorough knowledge - I learned about so many great functions, more about the tools, and a lot of shortcuts to complete perfect sketches and sharp presentation boards. After a little practice, I feel proficient in AI now!

--- Amy T., Designer

"The crash course is an excellent introduction to Adobe Illustrator for fashion and technical designers. Mikelle is patient, professional, and extremely thorough. I especially appreciated her ability to quickly troubleshoot problems and speedup my workflow."

-- Jason E., Designer, Evege Studio


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