Can we give you a Hand . . . Stylus?


This month, we have goal of getting 500 YouTube subscribers and increasing our viewership. You can help us do that by entering our raffle. And all you need to do for a valid entry is visit our YouTube channel and enjoy some great digital fashion tips & tutorials. That's it!

In return, you have  three (3) chances to win a brand new, top rated Hand stylus and replacement tips, great for drawing on your tablet or smart phone. It can be used on both Android, Windows and iOS systems as well as Kindle & Nook.

Here's how to submit an entry:

1) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel. Please note you can only do this once.

2) Comment on our YouTube Video. Head over to our YouTube channel, choose a video to watch, and leave a comment once you're done watching. Make sure the comment describes what you like about the video and/or why you found it helpful.  (Generic comments or thumbs up will not qualify to be entered, but we appreciate the comment;)

3) Ask a Question About a Video. Head over to our YouTube channel, choose a video to watch, and ask a question about the subject matter. Make sure the question is relevant to the subject matter. (Generic questions that do not pertain to the video will forfeit your entry.)

Submit one question and/or one comment per day for up to 2 daily  entries, which means more chances to win!

That's it! You'll automatically be entered into our raffle, and you'll receive a confirmation response to your comment once you've been entered. Good luck, have fun, enjoy the videos, and we look forward to interacting with you!

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Giveaway ends at 11:59PM EST on April 30th

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